Bearpark Primary School was one of 6 schools that attended a reconstruction of the Big Meeting staged at Beamish Open Air Museum on 14/07/2006

This year was the first Little Big Meeting to be held at Beamish and hopefully not the last. Bearpark led the parade through the town at Beamish. Each school got to choose to dress as a particular era's and most schools seemed to have chosen the early 1900's, which meant that Bearpark really stood out in the crowd dressed in thier 50's gear. Do you have any sugestions on how the event can be improved upon in the future?. My sugestions follow:

  • A Brass Band would have given the event alot more atmosphere
  • The children could have encouraged the spectator's to join the parade as would have happened on the route to Durham the Parade would have swelled it ranks
  • The Parade could have started at the village and gone right down to the town - which is more like the real Big Meeting

So what's your opinion?

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• A Mining World - The Story of Bearpark, County Durham - Douglas Pocock - 1985
• Banners of the Durham Coalfield - Norman Emery - 1998
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