Clip 1
I tried to imagine what it would be like to take a
trip on a train along the route of the the old railway
Riding the Rails
Reality was:
  • Me on a bike riding along the lines with one hand (first time on a bike for over tens years)
  • not watching where I was going (dog walkers beware)
  • Trying to keep a camera steady (see the results for yourself)

And frankly doing a bad job of each of the above.

Clip 2

Clip 3
Little Big Meeting

Clip 4
The lead singer of Prefab Sprout, Patrick 'Paddy' McAloon who's home town of Langley Park lies about 2 miles away from Bearpark seems to have been inspired by Bearpark enough for him to write this song about it.
Bearpark - Prefab Sprout
Many thanks to for pointing me in the direction of this song.

Do you have any sugestions for video's like this. I have a few ideas myself but would love to hear yours.
Furture possibilities:
  • "Sledging down Taylor Avenue" (I'll get one of the kids to do this one. If we get some snow)
This should take approx 1 min using 512k

• A Mining World - The Story of Bearpark, County Durham - Douglas Pocock - 1985
• Banners of the Durham Coalfield - Norman Emery - 1998
Copyright 2002© Gary Taylor