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Bearpark is a very small ex-pit village 2 miles from Durham City center it's Colliery was the last in the Durham coal field to be closed. The name Bearpark was derived from Beaurepaire (French meaning Beautiful Retreat) which was the name of a Norman Country House, know to locals as "The Ruins" It is reckoned that even these Norman settlers used mined coal to warm their buildings.

Bearpark had three main exports due to the sinking of the Colliery, Coal, Coke and Bricks. Bearpark became internationally famous for Coke, no not the snorting or the drinking kind but the burning kind. Raw material from the pit was fired in coke ovens alongside the railway, and was exported around the world. The Coke and Brick industries died mid century. The Pit was closed in 1984, which brought an end to the last of Bearpark's exports.

I think by far though that the greatest
export that Bearpark can boast
is people.

News: Sept 2002

The BBC has shown an interest in some of the photo's contained in this site in relation
to a new period drama called 'Daniel Deronda'. The book was written by George Eliot
has been adapted by Andrew Davies
starring Hugh Bonneville, Edward Fox and Greta Scacchi.

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